Why This Wiki?

This wiki is designed to allow interested people to collaborate on plans for the development of Opotiki College. After my recent sabbatical and ongoing work with the Aspiring Leaders Group I have some plans to develop Opotiki College as a 21st Century school. On this wiki I will share those plans as I develop my thinking and will encourage people to critique those plans, add comment and suggest enhancements.

Initially I have developed pages for:

School Structures
Behaviour Management
Teacher Observation

I have added a page on the proposed Thematic Junior Curriculum and Data Driven Targets. Your feedback will be valuable in assisting us to develop our response to the NZ Curriculum.
A further page has been added on Engagement Initiatives.
Another great wiki is being developed by the Aspiring Leaders Group members who are leading our student-centred integrated curriculum pilot. It's great reading and they would appreciate your comments.